How to Gain Mass with Methane-D

how to use methan-dBeing a steroid, Methane-D is able to exert a detrimental effect on the human body. Nevertheless, this effect can be avoided by examining some features of the drug in detail.

All those who build muscle mass using synthetic drugs are probably rumored to be familiar with Methane and have used it more than once. But not many of them were interested in recommendations on how to use this drug and its effects on the body. Usually athletes simply take medications that were used by other athletes before.

The official name of Methane is methandrostenolone. It does not always have a positive effect on the human body. Today, a lot has been said about that, and you can find dozens of administration schemes, but not all of them are correct.

Why Methan-D?

Most of those who decided to start building muscle mass with the help of steroids choose Methane-D. This is explained by three reasons, which are closely related to the characteristics of the drug itself.

The first reason is that steroid dianabol produced in the form of tablets is convenient to use (in comparison with injections). Actually this is not exactly correct and this feeling is psychological. Most of the opponents of medications in sports believe that injections rapidly develop drug dependence in people. In fact, everything is completely wrong. No matter whether it’s an injection or a pill, both forms of steroids work the same way and differ only in the method of entering into the body.

why Methan-DThe second reason is wide popularity of Methane and its availability. Many newcomers and beginners simply ask their friends for experience about some drug. And more often they hear “dianobol” in response and, accordingly, stop their choice on it.

The third reason is the cost of the drug. Today, it is one of the most affordable steroids on the market. Although there is a reverse side of the coin. Despite the low price of Methan D for sale (up to $15 for a monthly course), no one takes into account the fact that after a prolonged intake of the drug it will be necessary to rehabilitate the body. Methane has a negative effect on the liver, and it needs to be supported by protective, more expensive drugs, which will entail additional costs. In addition, the gained muscle mass must be kept taking calcium and potassium.

Pyramid Method

Before you begin describing the method of taking such a steroid as Methane-D, you need to conclude all of the above mentioned. Maybe you will decide to refrain from this drug for beginners, after consulting specialists and picking up something more suitable and less potent for you.

If the choice is made, you can order methandostenolon online or buy it at the special shop. Pay attention that it is worth using it moderately, taking medications that help to reduce the harmful effects on the liver and overall health. No muscle mass will compensate all the diseases that can be obtained after excessive use of steroids.

pyramid MethodThe usage of Methane-D should be built on the principle of a pyramid (though many athletes complain that it brings little effect). Initially, of course, the result may be good, but soon the body will begin to get used to the drug, and its effect will be reduced to none (this option is not satisfactory and after that it will be possible to forget about further use of Methane at all).

By the way, the method of the pyramid, when the dose of the drug is constantly increased and then decreased again, was used in ancient times, so that the organism got used to poisons.

How to Take Methane Correctly?

It is necessary to take methandrostenolone in stable doses. The periodicity and time of reception should be set by the human biological rhythms. The most optimal time intervals for the use of this steroid are periods from 7 to 9 a.m. and from 19 to 21 p.m., when the concentration of testosterone in the blood increases.

If a person’s life is not based on a normalized schedule, it is necessary to develop your own approach of reception, consulting a professional trainer and a doctor. You must stick to biological rhythms, so that the influence on the hormonal background is stabilized both by artificial and natural factors.


recommendations for using Methane-DMethane-D is certainly unsafe for a human body, but its correct use is unlikely to cause significant harm and make you regret the choice. During the entire course and after it, you need to carefully monitor the way your liver behaves and take additional measures to normalize its work.

All of the above mentioned is nothing more than recommendations for using Methane-D. It is strongly recommended consulting a specialist before using this drug. Take the advice of a doctor and decide whether to stop on this steroid or pick something else, less effective, but less harmful.

Remember, your health should be more important than mass gain. Do not force your body if it resists. Stay balanced and you will get your results.